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High Stakes Poker matches take place every day all around the Poker world. This is because there is a huge amount of players with a lot of money, willing to gamble. There are several hundred players in the world that can put hundreds of thousands of dollars in to any hand at any time, both in Texas Hold-em online and in live games. Some of the High Stakes Poker games are played in Omaha since players are usually more evenly matched up in this game rather than Texas Hold Em online.

In any Poker game you will find players that make crazy calls, raises, bets and folds, but it seems like these plays are even more common when you get to the high stake games. The players that take part in these games have an act for gambling and are all willing to put huge amounts of money on the line just to prove that they are the best. This leads to some amazing Poker and some of the greatest hands in Poker have actually been caught on tape during televised Poker matches. Pots worth over a million dollars have been played during televised Poker and some insane results have been the outcome of these.

High Stakes Poker can not only be viewed via your television but also via your Poker room site. All of the Poker games that are played online can be viewed by members of that Poker room. Even though you can’t see the players’ cards until the end of the hand, you can still follow the action, see the money being put in the pot and even read what the players are saying to each other in the chat.

No other sport or game in the world has this openness to it and is so widely available to the public. Unlike other big sports like Ice-Hockey in Canada or Football in America, this game is being played 24/7 with the players constantly ending up in new matchups and with different opponents. This is one of the main reasons why Poker and Texas HoldEm in particular is so extremely popular not only in the Poker community, but also amongst people not playing any Poker themselves. So if you have time to spare then log on to your favoured Poker site, look for the games with the highest stakes and limits and sit down as a spectator. You will definitely view some great Poker action no matter when you watch.