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Rules of Casino Poker Tournament

First great public poker event was held back in 1970 by the influential casino owners. Casino poker tournament represents the competition which with large quantity of poker players in certain poker variations or several poker variants. At the beginning of poker tournament all poker players must pay the buy-in and are given the certain number of special game chips. These chips do not have the value of cash. The rules do not allow to use real cash in the poker tournaments. As a rule the quantity of the initial chips is the same as the size of the buy-in. At some tournaments the players have the opportunity to use the option of re-buy or buy-back, which means that it is permitted to buy more chips during the tournament and continue playing. The prize in casino poker tournament is derived from all buy-ins, though, some additional investments can be used, for instance the sponsorship and the entry fees from viewers. The poker tournaments where there are no entrance fees are called the poker freerolls. Casino poker tournament always ends after all the gamblers but one left the game. At times the game finishes by the consensus of the last several poker players in the hand. In such cases the pot is divided proportionally to the in-game money of each player. There exist different ways to pay out the pot at the tournament. In some poker tournaments the separate payoffs are determined for every placing. At others the players are paid out in accordance with the special table in which the percentages are calculated based on the total number of the gamblers. If you find that playing poker tournaments is not your cup of tea then you can read and find out what type of casino game you would enjoy.

Multi-table vs. single-table 

It is also possible to divide all the tournaments into the multi-table and single-table tournaments. At the singletable tournaments (also called the STTs) the biggest quantity of poker players at one poker table is nine and the tournament is played at only one poker table. Usually STTs begin when all the gamblers at the table appear and not at the particular time point, that is why they are also known as the sit-and-go (SNG) tournaments.

Speaking about the multitable tournaments they involve hundreds of gamblers. As usual there are several rounds in multitable competitions. Firstly the satellite tournaments take place which are in fact the entering competitions before the most important event. The sizes of buy-ins in the satellites are as a rule quite small, for instance one-tenth of the buy-in amount in the main event. Today the mix of the multi-table tournaments is becoming more and more widespread.

Open vs. invitational

Casino poker tournament can be either open (any players can participate) or invitational (invited participants take part).

Most tournaments are player with only one version of stud or community card poker, for instance Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker, Seven-card stud and Seven card Hi Lo stud poker. Some of the tournaments offer the mix of the games, for instance H.O.R.S.E. (Hold’em, Omaha High/Low, Razz, Seven-card Stud and Seven-card stud eight or better), H.O.S.E. (without Razz poker), etc.

The most famous and greatest poker tournaments are considered to be the World Poker Tour championship (known as WPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP) that are held in Las Vegas and Nevada. Nowadays most tournaments provide an opportunity to play online baccarat and blackjack tournaments as well. But, be careful of gambling addiction!