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Dealing Cards – Differences in Games

Dealing cards is a unique way of ensuring that every player participating in the card game receive an even card amount. This guarantees that everyone gets a fair shot at the win and eliminates any aspect of biasness. While dealing cards can be different in different games, the concept followed is majorly the same in all these card games. There are various strategies that one can utilize in order to do this correctly and in the best way. If you are the one dealing the cards, it is of paramount importance that you know the basics of the game and understand them correctly. This requires that you read and understand the game rules and ensure that each player gets the required amount of cards as per the game rules.

Some card games require that a separate pile of cards is placed on the side and you should check to confirm whether this is the case or not. This additional pile is referred to as a ‘discard pile’ or ‘kitty’. The extra cards in the pile are used for playing the game, discard cards that a player no longer needs or discard leftovers which are not needed in the game. Before you deal out the cards, you should count the number of people playing the game. As a common rule in all card games, if the number of people playing the game is small, each person gets more cards and the vise versa is also true.

Before the cards are dealt, they need to be thoroughly shuffled and they should be issued facing down so that no one sees what the other person has received. This is one of the ways to promote fairness in the game by ascertaining the number of cards each player is to receive and the leftovers in the game. As the person dealing the cards, you need to start with the person sitting on your left and then move in a clock wise direction and you should be the last person to get the cards. This process should be repeated until you distribute the number of cards required by the game rules.

If there are any leftovers, they should be placed at the middle to form the ‘discard pile’. Before the game kicks on, the cards distributed to the players need to be double checked. Counting of the cards should be done after making the discard pile. Every player in the game must have an equal amount of cards like the other players unless where rules of the card game stipulate otherwise. Also, you should know that cards shouldn’t be dealt by one person in all the games and the person sitting on the left hand side of previous dealer should be the new dealer in the upcoming game. A good way to ensure that cards are well shuffled is by switching directions. As you can see, there is not so much differences in dealing cards among different card games and it is as easy as explained above.