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Being Unpredictable

To be successful when playing poker online you should try to be unpredictable, otherwise you will get little return if you have a good hand all the other players will know you are bluffing. In poker the ultimate aim is to try to hide the kind of hand you’ve got. So think twice before you play poker and if you are used to keeping your heart on sleeve then try something simpler like online baccarat. One common strategy that poker players start playing with is that they will pretend to be confident with a weak hand but will act more timid with a strong hand. More experienced poker players know this strategy so it is easy to suss this out. It is actually recommended that you play aggressively with a strong hand and more tight with a weak hand initially.

Mix up your image

A very good strategy is to mix up your image. For example if you've been playing your good hands aggressively your opponents will have seen your hands. At this point you can change your strategy and start to play some weaker hands or do some bluffing. Hopefully this should confuse the players so it will be harder for them to determine the kind of hand you have.

To become very good at poker it is important to have an idea what your opponents thinks the strength of your hand is. This is known as third level thinking. The ideal situation is that you generate a whole variety of different hands that the other players you have. Having this variety can put you at an advantage in terms of being able to bluff or win more money.

Guess the image of others

Now guessing what the players are thinking you're holding will get easier with more practice at the casino. Basically it's important to be realistic, rather than guessing what you want him to believe especially if you're bluffing. It's all to do with the betting pattern you are following and the impression it is making on your opponent. Lastly it's important to keep track of your results. If you're not doing as well as you want, mix up your style a little more.