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Playing Cards – Non-Gambling Aspects

Playing cards is one of the most popular forms of gambling today. Cards can be categorized in various ways such as by size (patience, miniature, poker, bridge, large), by time period, by specialty, by suits, by distributor, by maker and by purpose. The gambling aspect of playing cards involves players making a bet with the expectation of winning or losing in the game. Bets are thus made using money or chips which are lost or won depending on the outcome of predictions made. The potential of striking a huge jackpot motivates players to sometimes take financial risks that are unusual and can result in addiction with playing cards. This is where the non gambling aspects of playing cards come in.

Playing cards is at times considered immoral due to the fact that it leads to greater poverty as players who lose on their bets can be tempted to commit crimes or steal to continue gambling or pay off their debts. Card playing is also seen to strongly manifest deadly sins including lust, greed, gluttony, anger, laziness, pride and envy. With gamblers desiring to become rich instantly without working and investing less, this activity promotes laziness and greed. Playing cards are prohibited in certain jurisdictions and felonies violating this law are punishable by prison and fines.

To some extent, playing cards also leads to exploitation of the human frailty. Despite objecting card playing and gambling on moral basis, many state governments and churches sponsor activities aimed at generating revenue through gambling. While cards might not precisely structured for this purpose like raffles, bingo and national lotteries, they can at times be used to achieve this objective as well. Even though players understand that they have a limited chance of winning in such games, they still participate because after all, someone must win and it might be them.

Another non gambling aspect of playing cards has to do with financial and psychological incentives. It is not a secret that casinos are rated among the top profitable business enterprises in the world that do not produce or manufacture a product. Even though there are government agencies that strongly regulate casinos to minimize cheating and scams, the players are rarely aware of the chances they have in winning a game. Casinos providing card games have designed a range of economic and psychological incentives that tempt players to part with their hard earned money. After placing a bet and loosing, a player will be motivated to bet even more in efforts of trying to recover lost bets which can have even more serious consequences.

All in all, besides the gambling motives involved in card playing, there is more than catch the eye in this. The most important thing in order to stay protected as a card player is to know your limits and learning how to stay disciplined. While these games have changed the lives of many people for the better, they have also ruined the lives of many others and it is always good to be safe than sorry.