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How to Learn to Play Better Without a Large Bankroll

While they say that practice makes perfect, some of us can not afford to pay in the big games or tournaments, but this does not mean that you cannot still learn how to become a better player. There are actually a few different ways that you can study, of sorts, on how to become a better player and strategist. Since Poker is half strategy, by studying the strategy of the game, you can learn to become a better player without actually playing in the big money games. Granted, once you have done your homework and saved up some money, then nothing is stopping you from playing with the big dogs and winning. 


Read a Strategy Book: Reading about different strategies can help to improve your game. As there are many books out there that could offer some advice, a couple that I would recommend System of Doyle Brunson’s (both one and two) or Hold'em Harrington (only first and second, third is really optional) Dan Harrington’s books contain exercises after each chapter that can be useful in helping t get the hang of the information contained within. Whether you are looking for books from low limit, you can read some books by Lee Jones or the opposite end of the scale, which would be no limit games, David Sklansky has written some of his own books on the subject.

Join a Discussion Group: This will give an opportunity to get some feedback on past hands and how you may have played them differently. Not only will you be able to get advice and feedback from more experienced players, but you can also share your own experience and give feedback to others as you become more proficient. By doing a Google search, you can find quite a few, not just forums on how to play a better game, but poker play in general.

Watch a High Stakes Game Online: While recent laws that have passed by Congress caused some of the larger sites, like Party Poker, to pull out of the US market, there are still sites like Full Tilt Poker are still allowing US players. This will give you the option to be able to watch more experienced players and how they handle their hands and give you a better idea of how some stratagem work in play. Major online tournaments like Poker Stars hold online tournaments every Sunday with a $200 to $500 buy in with the first place winner taking home up to $100K or even more. If you are interested in tournaments and the like, this would give you a chance to see how the best players strategize for the bigger games.

If you take the time to do your research, study past hands, not only yours, but those of other players as well, taking into account the outcome of the casino games like online baccarat, You will be able to not only improve your game, but possibly be able to improve to the point of being able to make some decent money in it as well.