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How to Succeed in Sit-and-Go Poker Tournaments

Everybody knows that big casino poker tournaments, as seen on television, get fame and glory for people who actually succeed in them. However, shots that average players have at emerging with great tournament bankrolls usually do not lie in big tournaments. Instead, they lie with sit-and-go tournaments on the internet, along with the proper strategies.

This does not just refer to any sit-and-go poker tournament, though. This refers to sit-and-go tournaments with smaller stakes and buy-ins at around $10. The greatest place to start talking about their strategies would be within the earlier rounds.

Manage the stakes

Such tournaments of small stakes come with extremely small blinds to start with and players should look into staying within earlier hands with average cards such as suited connectors, just in case they actually hit at the flop. With small percentages of chip stacks getting bet out, after all, it would be worthwhile to try winning several pots every once in a while.

One thing that can be seen early on within sit-and-gos with small stakes that cannot be seen within higher stakes would be people heading for the river, regardless of what they hold. If, at the flop or at the turn, you have a great hand, you can usually sucker in players with low stakes by slow-playing such hands. The player quality here usually isn’t up to par with more expensive sit-and-gos.

Do it wise

In the mid-rounds, your requirements for starting hands have to change a little since the cost in seeing the actual flop will change, as well. If your stack looks good here, you can play a bit tighter and simply wait for opponents to bust. But if you need to raise your stack in order to compete, going all-in before the flop with less-than-premium hands like 10-10 and K-Q would be a necessity.

This is different from poker strategies of high stakes since players have to be a bit more conservative due to more money being on the line. In fact, watching other players bust could yield profits here. However, within sit-and-go tournaments of small stakes, players will want to win right away to get decent rates per hour. If you go all-in before the flop with average hands, you can steal bets and blinds from other players, too.

Everything will change in later sit-and-go stages as blinds get much higher. There is no way you can watch and get eaten up by blinds; however, players can’t call to hands of low value either. Mid-range cards could survive longer, though, within such situations and you should bet out before the flop with cards such as 10-10 or A-9. Although other places might be an option, first place would still be the ultimate goal. it's just a pity that there are no online baccarat tournaments held.

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