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Beginners vs Professional in Casinos

The attraction of gambling lies in the fact that casino games have something for everyone. This means that anyone can gamble even children. This is why there are age restrictions on casino games in land and online casinos. Based on the high percentage of bettors, what differentiates a beginner from a professional?

Percentage of bets won

To answer this question you have to look at the percentage of bets won? Many beginners think that professional gamblers are experts, and so they win a lot of bets. This is a general misconception because there is a negligible difference between the number of bets won by professional gamblers and those won by beginners.

How is this possible? This is because the wins cannot be calculated based on the percentage of bets won, but on the overall profit won in terms of the amount of money earned. One may win a large percentage of bets, but when scrutinized, the total amount of money won, minus the bets placed from the gamblers pocket shows that not much was gained. Since it is the goal of a professional gambler to make money, having low profits on bets makes them no better than beginners who play for fun and once in a while have a favorable win.

Profits differentiating beginners from professionals in gambling

So this brings us to another difference between a professional player and a beginner, and this is profits. Professional gamblers look at gambling as a job. Hence, they apply every strategy to ensure that they make profits on their bets, with no concern for winning percentages. A beginner has no such focus because they have no experience to allow them to make such judgments. Their focus is on learning the ins and outs of games, just to get the hang of it. Some of them go for easy games that do not require a lot of skill and hence cannot promise huge returns such as slots.

Skills differentiating professional gamblers from beginners

The skill is another difference between professional gambler and beginners. Professionals have mastered the skill of betting like a pro. They know how to bet, and the amount of money to bet. They have mastered the discipline required to make huge wins in gambling. A simple rule such as knowing your limits is taken seriously by a professional while a beginner is more likely to risk huge amounts of money on a single bet with no good cause. This difference in skill means beginners lose a lot of money on gambling before they get to the professional level.

So, more than anything, the biggest difference between a professional and a beginner is the risks they take. Unlike beginners, professionals have mastered the art of using small bets regardless of how significant their bankroll is. They use small bets and spread them over a number of games. In this way, they have a better chance of winning than if they risked a big bet on a single outcome. The use of small bets helps them to stay relevant for a long time. It is a fact that professional gamblers do not risk more than 2 percent of their working bankroll on a single bet. This keeps them playing for an extended period of time and assures them that sooner or later they will make favorable returns on their bets.

These are some of the differences between professional gamblers and beginners.