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Online Poker Basics

Even though you may be an online casinos professional when you play online baccarat and know a lot on compulsive gambling, but you still have to learn a lot on poker.

Texas Holdem Poker Basics


To study the poker basics is not complicated at all, mainly if it is Hold’em. Nearly all poker game versions are played with a standard 52 card deck and regular poker table may seat 2-10 players. The game session begins with two persons placing the blind bets. After that two cards are dealt face-down to every poker player at the table, these two cards are usually called hole cards. In Pre-flop betting round the gambler immediately next after the big blind is to make bet first. This player may leave the game or stay, in case he or she decides to stay the big blind is raised or called. In case there were no raises or re-raises pre-flop round ends by the “big blind” bettor which may check, call the bet if needed, or make re-raise. The round of betting is completed as soon as all the players wager the equal amount of money into the game pot.

In the Flop three community cards are placed on the table. The gamblers check up their hands and start new round of betting. It is followed by Turn and River, in which two other community cards are dealt one after another. Every card deal is followed by betting. All five cards at the table may be used by all the gamblers to form their five cards hands. The player who obtains the strongest hand according to the regular poker hand rankings gets the pot. In some cases the hands tie, in this case the pot is split. According to the poker basics, in Holdem the poker players are permitted to play the board it means that they may use all community cards to create their hands.

Holdem with the No-Limit structure is the most widespread poker version. Unlike in the other games the gamblers are permitted to bet as much as they want at any point of game. That’s why according to the poker basics "All in" betting option is available in such game. It means that the poker player may bet all chips he or she holds. Of course, it is not safe but most experienced players prefer No-Limit Holdem as the best chance to challenge their gambling skills and win big.

Omaha Poker Basics

If you are familiar with the poker basics of Texas Holdem you know how to play Omaha poker because the rules of both these games are similar. Omaha is played with the set of rounds that are the pre-flop, the flop, turn and river. In the showdown the hands are compared and the game pot is awarded. The one difference of Omaha is that instead of two pocket cards the gamblers are dealt four face down cards two of which they are to use to make their hand. So just three community cards may be used to form the hand. The other points in the playing poker basics of two games do not differ at all.

Seven Card Stud Poker Basics

According to the poker basics, Seven-Card Stud game action begins with the ante bets posting. Then each poker player gets three cards, two - face down and one card is dealt face-up. The second cards dealing is one face up card which is followed by betting round. This is repeated two times more till the final card occurs face-down. So, during the game each gambler holds three face-down and four exposed cards and any five of them may be used to form the gambler’s hand. The ranks of the poker hands in Seven-Card Stud are the same as in Hold’em and Omaha poker. In fact these poker hand rankings are the standard. In some poker variations Joker and thus Five of a Kind are used.

Caribbean Stud Poker Basics

In Caribbean Stud poker the poker players try to beat the dealer’s hand. The game starts with the Antes posting. The gamblers then are given five face down cards. The dealer is dealt five card as well, however, one of the cards is face-up. The gamblers check what their probabilities are and if to forfeit the hand or proceed the play. To continue the play the gambler is to wager, that in fact means that the gambler raises because he or she posts the amount that is equal to the ante amount. To win the player’s hand must beat the dealer’s hand, in addition, the dealer’s hand is to qualify. This means to obtain Ace and King or better. In case the dealer doesn’t qualify the poker player receives even money and his or her raise wager is pushed. As the poker basics state the players have choice to make the optional wager on obtaining flush or higher. In case of royal flush the winner wins the progressive jackpot.

Other games

Among other games there are Tri-Card Poker which is played with three cards hands; Lei it Ride that is the variant of stud played with three pocket or hole and two community cards; two hands Pai Gow poker which is in fact the American variation of Chinese card game. Some games are played in High/Low variations, which means that two poker hands, the lowest and highest, win, thus the game pot is divided. Before you play online learn the poker basics at the casino you choose to play at.