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Chalenge Yourself With This Poker Quiz

This casino poker quiz that you are about to take has two very important questions about poker.  It is a great way for you to test your knowledge of the game.  There are a lot of things that you need to understand about poker, in order for you to be a successful player.  After each question you will find the answer.  I am going to also give a brief description of why it is the right one.  You are going to be able to use your knowledge, to perfect your poker game.  In no time you will be able to even make up your own questions and answers.  It is a fun and easy way for you to learn about the game of poker. Please don't apply all the rules to other casino games like online baccarat, for example. And also, anways remember about the first rule - the poker buy-in is what's required according to poker rules to ensure entry into a game. So be sure you have the buy-in funds before entering a game that may require more than you can put in.

Question one: If you are playing in a no limit poker game against weak players, what is the best method to use, if you want to build your bankroll?

A) play a lot of weak hands
B) move all in with medium to strong hands
C) throw away bad hands
D) press your small advantage

answer: C

The best way for you to build your bankroll against weak players, is to fold your weak hands.  You are going to be all on your own in no limit poker games.  Even when you are playing against weak players, betting the wrong hands can be a big mistake.  You can get in a whole lot of trouble fast with no security.  On the flip side of folding, you also need to remember to take advantage of the great hands that you are dealt.  If you are a smart strategic player you will do just fine, even in a no limit poker game.

Question 2: Deception is a huge part of poker.  What is the best strategy to use against players that are using deception to steal blinds?

A) do not call unless you have a great hand
B) raise often, and make sure that the raise is big
C) check strong hands instead of betting them
D) bet into the deceptive players if you are the first to act on the hand

answer: C

In most poker games you never want to check a hand that is strong.  That is not the case in this situation, because it will draw out the egos of the deceptive players.  Players that are playing deceptively usually have large egos.  Common sense gets throw out the window, and they tend to play loose and very recklessly.  If you keep a cool head, and play solid poker, you are going to see your chip stack mount.  If you use creative play sparingly, it can be very effective.  Players that are playing deceptively are using their creative play in the wrong way.  Do the opposite of what they do when they are playing poker.  Do not bluff two or more players at a time, and do not play irrationally.

By taking this quiz, you should be able to tell where you stand in the game of poker.  If you use these methods you are more likely to get the results that you want.  Enjoy yourself, and do not let your ego get the best of you.